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Okay, these are some fairly generic prompts. I stole most of them, but the last is mine.

Write a story using as many of these Henny Youngman one-liners as you can:
* Answers are what we have for other peoples problems.
* To a bald man, dandruff is a thrill.
* A little gossip goes a long way.
* He who laughs, lasts.
* Take my wife, please.

What is the best day you have ever spent with your family? Think about the best day that you ever spent with your family. Think about reasons that made it the best day ever! Write a paper telling about the best day you ever spent with your family. Include at least three reasons in your paper that explain what made it the best day. Be sure to use specific details to support each of your reasons. Use vivid verbs and adjectives to make your paper interesting to read.

Write about a joyous moment.

Write about the most difficult decision in your life.

Write five lines of dialogue. Then write three complete different scenes using the same dialogue.

Okay, if you see or think of a cool prompt, feel free to post it. I found these two sites pretty easily that have prompts.
Writer's digest
Creative Writing Prompts dot com
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