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The writing discussion community
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This is a community dedicated to the discussion and betterment of writing. It was created out of the desire to have a place where people could have in depth discussions about writing. From simple story ideas to grammatical discussion, we want to talk about it.

What you will find here:
-Debates on grammar and how it changes from area to area.
-Writing prompts.
-Posted story bits.
-Recommended reading for things like Writing Craft books and other things to help you write.
-General chat on the subject of writing.

This community is dependent on discussion. Its focus is to find out what others know and to share that information.

-All writing is welcome. Whether that is original fiction, fanfiction, non-fiction, or other.
-When posting a story, keep it under a lj-cut. Outside of the cut, post a rating and warnings due to content some may not want to read. This is to allow anyone to post whatever they want, but allow for people to have to read things they are not comfortable with. A side note, please also state what genre the fiction is. Not everyone likes every genre.
-When someone posts a story or a piece of a story, please comment on it. It is understandable if you don't comment because you did not wish to read it due to the warnings or genre. Also, some fanfictions may be in a fandom you are not familiar with. Otherwise please do comment.
-When you post a piece of writing, do not put any author's comments or other discussion up with it. Let the story stand there on its own merit. Then after a few days, when people have had a chance to examine what you have written and commented on it, join in on the discussion. The point is not to influence the readers with anything but what you have written. After others have kicked it around a bit, then reply.
-When posting stories it is probably a good idea to lock the entry to the community. If it ever does become something you want to submit, it is best that it not be "published" in any format. Some companies frown upon that.

When commenting on a piece of writing, try to include these things:
-At least one good thing. It doesn't take much, and encouragement really does help a writer develop. Try to make it substantial.
-One thing that either you do not like about the story, or that you feel could use improvment.
-A sentence that stands out in your mind. Something you feel warrants special attention because it is either well written or simply tickled your personal thought process.
-Anything else you want to say.

That last part really isn't a requirement, but it would be helpful. The point is to generate discussion on writing and create feedback. I find that for some people, they generally are unsure of what they should comment on. So this is at least a guideline to help those that can't really think of anything to say.

Finally, if you join, please sumbmit an introductory post. Include why you write, your writing goals, and what you write.